Our Offering


arc’s expertise lies in creating empowering and enriching experiences through its proven event management solutions that can be tailored to every need. Our offering includes a range of corporate and business events, conferences, and exhibitions, all delivered with agile thinking and meticulous planning. And to the highest international standards of quality, creativity, and operations.


Every event is uniquely different and must resonate with the target audience, creating memorable experiences – at arc we understand this and live by this every day.
From concept to planning to execution of small and large-scale events, arc has worked with clients to deliver tailored and specially designed experiences that really hit the mark.


arc has the in-house capability to not just plan and organize conferences from a project management, branding and production perspective, but also create an inspiring and insightful theme and agenda that bring relevant and likeminded people together to engage in meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas, and make decisions that inspire change.
arc’s turnkey solution for conferences includes full-scale event management, speaker liaison, delegate and sponsor management, marketing, branding, F&B giveaways, and audio-visual production.


Exhibitions or tradeshows are an excellent platform for brand exposure, customer engagement, information and insight gathering, networking and lead generation.
We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives, and then design, develop, and deliver conventional or avant-garde exhibition spaces that make them standout from the crowd.
From innovative concepts and modular designs to build functionality and sustainable construction, among other services, arc leverages its deep understanding of the latest industry trends and preferences to create bespoke exhibition spaces that are dynamic and interactive.